Les Canalettes - Grottes Canalettes
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Les Canalettes cave is located near Corneilla de Conflent. It was explored for the first time in 1952 following the discovery of a natural opening one year earlier. With considerable difficulty, a team of cavers from Prades managed to get through the first 15 metre shaft leading to the gallery from where visitors now have access to the ramifications of the cave.
This magical underground world was first opened to visitors at Easter 1954 by Jean Castillo. His son Elie and his daughter-in-law Georgette took on the management of the cave.

(Guided tours in July and August).

The Canalettes caves : Sound and light show…

Tout l'été, diffusion du spectacle Son, Lumière & Vidéo-Projection

"Les Secrets de la Terre"