Sound and Light Show - Grottes Canalettes
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Sound and Light Show


Through July and August, every hour : from to

Musical Sound and Light show in the underground gallery (free upon presentation of the till receipt)

Last entry: 5:30pm (start of show at 6:00pm)

A sound and light show has been devised so that visitors may prolong the pleasure of their visit to the cave. The show takes place in the “Auditorium” several times a day during the summer months. Several popular music tracks such as “El Condor Pasa” and other classical masterpieces have been included in the show. Other, less well known pieces are related to the region’s history. An example of these pieces is « El cant dels ocells » by the great violin-cellist Pablo Casals who fled from Spain at the time of Franco’s military regime. He composed this piece after he had settled in Prades. In French, the “Bird Song” is a hymn for peace which became his Great Cause after he went into exile. Also included in the musical program of the show is a piece entitled “The walk of the Grandes Canalettes”, composed specially for the caves by Benoit Grandjean
In an exceptionally silent ambiance, this natural auditorium offers visitors the opportunity to combine several pleasures at the same time and feel unique and intense emotions. Musicians have realized how exceptional this ambiance can be. Many, including choirs, now come to the auditorium to give their best to a selected audience.

The Canalettes caves : Sound and light show…